The need for Guarding services is now greater than ever before, with escalating levels of crime and vandalism in our Towns and Industrial Estates and the perceived increase in threat from terrorism. Latest statistics show that there are more Security guard officers today than Police and a physical presence will always present the greatest prevention to an intruder. The problems that face our officers from day to day in their working lives; is theft, vandalism, and arson persist and underline the necessity for guards on-site.

For the dual purpose of dissuading those who would trespass on your premises and controlling access to your business physical location, Edgelock Security Company Limited can supply trained and experienced security guards across the whole of the country. Initially, we undertake full background and criminal record checks to ensure that any security guard deployed to your place of business shares our focus on delivering outstanding security at all times.

All of our security guard personnel are then trained in a number of areas including:

  • Monitoring your points of entry
  • Searching vehicles and individuals for hidden devices or stolen property
  • Courteously dealing with members of the public


These individual skills act to dissipate potentially dangerous situations before they arise.

Occasionally, security situations do escalate and an alternate skill set is required, Edgelock Security Guards are fully trained in first aid, fire safety and have the ability to forcibly remove people from your premises should this become necessary.

Our guards undergo effective training for four weeks, only those who qualify are deployed to our client’s premises to execute the guarding services. Once the guards are deployed they are monitored by our able team of supervisors to ensure that our professional standards are maintained.

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